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LED screen frame, LED display system frame structure
Time:2011-4-7 10:36:56 Keyword:LED screen frame, LED display system frame structure
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Product Details:

LED screen frame, LED display system frame structure

Shenzhen Jinrui Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing various industrial aluminium products and aluminium extruded sections, it includes mould design and manufacture, aluminium extruded sections and CNC machine process.The factory has more than 5000 aluminium moulds, it is one of the best manufacturer for aluminium products and aluminium extruded sections around Shenzhen area.
The factory was built in 1993 and is located in Xikeng-laowei industrial area,Guanlan town, Shenzhen, it occupied ten thousand square meters with graceful environment.
It is manageing by technical and professional person with advanced equipment, high technical skill and good service for aluminium industry.
Our products including: radiator; aluminium panel; aluminium sections for LED lamp, MP3; and MP4; GPS shell; shell for various digital products; handle of furniture; aluminium extruded sections for house decoration; etc.
© 2002-2016 Shenzhen Jinrui Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd ,Reserved  Add:Jinrui Yuan,Dashuikeng third village, Fucheng Block, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Tel:+86-0755-28020011/28010564/28019417 Fax:+86-0755-28015004 Contact: Miss Wang  Miss Zeng  
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