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Aluminum series Rods Series Pipe Series Square tube series Angle aluminum series Oval tube Series Aluminum doors and windows Aluminum Series ····Aluminum alloy photo frame, LED border, the TV box·Aluminum camera·Aluminum power box·Electronic Radiator·Hairpin aluminum·EBook aluminum box \ mobile shell \ HDD \ Digital Products·Aluminum bicycle parts·Aluminum Pipe·Oval Aluminum·Aluminum Speaker housing ·Groove Aluminum·Aluminum furniture, decorative aluminum, aluminum alloy handle·Aluminum side through·Rod, aluminum··Aluminum panel aluminium alloy panel board facepanel·All kinds of aluminum angle·High-density electronic heat sink teeth·Building Aluminum·Shaped aluminum·Machine Tool Aluminum·Aluminum Mechanical Equipment·····aluminium Covered edge binding tape aluminiumBic size profile (150mm) Aluminum Products ···TV framework aluminum·HDD Enclosure\aluminum box\MP3\Audrey·Aluminum Products Aluminum Column Speaker·E-aluminum radiator·Aluminum panels·Other products·Aluminum alloy furniture handle·Apple I/ Apple II Aluminum
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China Shenzhen Jinrui Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing various industrial aluminium products and aluminium extruded sections, it includes mould design and manufacture, aluminium extruded sections and CNC machine proc..
Aluminium Shell
Aluminium Desk Calendar
Aluminium Bar
Aluminium Outer Shell
Aluminum speaker enclosure
Electronic radiator
Aluminium Heatsink
Aluminium Controller Case
LED heat sink, LED shell
The radiator, power supply shell ,heat sink shell
machine tool slide guide
Aluminium profiles for LED
Aluminium Panel & Sheet
LED screen frame, LED display system frame structure
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